Thursday, 1 January 2015

Our Memorable Journey Now Ends Here...

Hey There!

I don't know how I got the courage to finally say this... It took me actually a month! With the year of 2014 ending and a new year starting, I have decided to quit Club Penguin Blogging, on this site as well as all other I have been working on. I know it's so disturbing when I got this to you out of nowhere. But, I figured out I need to spend more time on Club Penguin rather than to keep blogging. Meaning, I have not quit Club Penguin I have just quit blogging. And there are hundreds of memories, I am going to take away with me. Millions of them...

I would specially like to thank all my friends in the community including my blog authors on this site. Especially, my current active author - Bluey656. He's been a loyal buddy throughout my Blogging years! I am sad we won't be able to meet ever again on this blog, with any post.

There are some memorable vision specially I would like to share with all in short:
It all started actually with my friend Crazycops challenging me to build a site and get at least 25000 pageviews on it just in just 14 Months, as he had on his (Let me tell you, he was the one who first brought me on CP and showed me how to blog, Hello Teacher). And that's why on 10 October, 2013 I made this site. I had first named it New Club Penguin Generation but later I thought of making it short and so I made it Loserboss! When I started on this Blog, there was only me and this blog. No proper Twitter account also to tweet and speak out. Then finally, in 
November I was on Twitter speaking with everyone. That's when I met the whole Club Penguin Community starting just with 13 followers! Then by the end of November, I met my first blog author - Puurple90 (no existing account now). She helped me a lot with the development of this blog but then even she left by Mid-January'14. I was worried afterwards because, I had my March Exams coming up and no one to take my position as a responsible author when, I finally met my second great (still active; Co-Owner) author of this site - Bluey656. He used to make really cool weekly Club Penguin Walkthrough videos and still does. By then, I was totally established like a member of the community, I had gained 500 followers! Later in March, I met another Great Author-cum-Buddy. Guess who? Yes,  he was Frank9877. I guess there was very big change in me after  I met him. He was a very good author indeed the best one and he also improved my grammar skills. For example, I never left space after punctuation. So, now you know who taught me this and how I got more page views on my site after that - My writing was influential! By June, I was once again in a bad sad mood as I was going on Vacation and 
couldn't blog for three months and so introduced the great 'Authors Takeover' where the site authors handled the site themselves. And,  I think they did a pretty good job! When I was back in September, I got a kick start on the blog as The blog hit 15000 page views. Again in October, I was inactive for a few weeks due to my exams and after it we had the Grand 1st Anniversary of this site. Wasn't it cool? That's what I think. Then throughout November, I had a Gala time. We talked on Twitter and tried to spread the word of my site more efficiently. And sure enough it worked! On the Day of Christmas'14 I not only got 1K followers on Twitter but also  25,000 hits on the site. And now it's like almost 27,000 if you say. So, this is how I completed my friend Crazycops's New Year Challenge in just 14 Months. If I had to really give it a name, it would rather sound like 'Mission Happy New Year'!

I hope you have a good time this year and upcoming years too 'cause it's gonna be special for all! Enjoy and have fun.. so, here I am Mr Duda, along with my whole staff of this Site signing off from here. 

- Mr Duda

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

We Wish You A Happy New Year!

This is the moment... The moment has finally arrived. When I gladly wish you, from the bottom of my heart, A. Happy New Year! It's been such a great year - 2014. Memories of last year which we can't even forget, remain with us forever in our heart. I just hope you, penguin pals forget all the negativeness of last year and live the New Year with new hope and happiness. Just listen to your heart and well, to make it short and sweet... Just Waddle On!

Once again, Happy Hew Year to all of you and have a great time, 'cause it's gonna be an awesome year. Comment below to share with us your New Year wishes too.

Club Penguin Blog: Happy New Year! Best of 2014 Mashup Remix

Since, in almost 60% of the World it is now January 1, 2015 I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year! Its been a great year in 2014 and its memories are really cool. Here, is a message shared by the Club Penguin Team with the Best of 2014 Mashup Remix Video!

Happy New Year, Penguins!

Before I introduce you to our Best of 2014 mashup music video, I want to say thanks. Thanks for being such an amazing community that continues to make us all here at Club Penguin proud to belong to. You're the best and don't ever change :)

Now, for the moment we've all been waiting for...

Here's to celebrating all the fun, wacky, and most of all, memorable things that happened on Club Penguin in 2014. Enjoy!

Thanks again for all the great memories!

As we waddle (yeah I went there) into the new year, what would you like to see happen in 2015 to make it the best year ever? Let us know in the comments below.

Until next time... Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

That was a Great Video makes me remember almost everything of Club Penguin that happened in 2014. Hope to see it with new glamour in 2015 too! Happy New Year once again and don't forget to comment below and share your thoughts on this wonderful Mashup Video.

Club Penguin Blog: Daffodaily5's New Year's Eve Party!

First of all, Happy New Year's Eve to all of you, the wonderful readers of this blog! I am so happy today. And to double this happiness the Club Penguin Team especially, Daffo is hosting a New Year's Eve Party. She just posted the timings of the Meetup on the blog. Check then out below...


I had so much fun at the Festive Feast, I thought I’d throw one last celebration for 2014. We’re going to have a New Year’s Eve party and watch the fireworks! It’s going to be brill!

Daffodaily5's New Year's Eve Party!

Meet me on the server Aurora, at 4:30pm GMT (8:30am Penguin Standard Time). We’ll meet in the Ski Village, then climb the hill to watch the fireworks – and maybe do some Sled Racing too.

Hope to see you there! Byeee!

-Club Penguin Team

Don't forget to attend the party and enjoy 'cause it's the last day of the year (probably with the Team also). Comment below to tell us if you are coming or not.

Club Penguin Blog: Best of 2014 - Favorite Party

After choosing your favorite item and song of the year, its about time now to decide which was your favorite party of 2014!

  Wow, only one more day until we begin a new year filled with new adventures. And of course, only one more day until the release of our Best of 2014 Mashup video!

Ready for our last question? Before I ask, here are some comments from our previous post about your favorite song of 2014:

Spooky: My fave song of 2014 was Best Day Ever, as it taught me that anything is possible , even the best day ever.

Penguincam04: Mine was "Rock The Boat" during the Music Jam! DROP DOWN THE BEAT! XD

Spark2207: Gotta be The Puffle Shuffle from the end of We Wish You A Merry Walrus. This song has 2 of my favorite things on CP: Cadence, And Puffles.

Alright! Now let's hear it – what was your, could not get enough of-wish it lasted longer-all-time favorite party of 2014?

Waddle on,

-Club Penguin Team

Let us know your thoughts about this post in the comments below.

Club Penguin Member Benefits Updated for January 2015!

You have heard it right! Club Penguin along with all it's updates on the Island, has also updated the Membership page - the Member Benefits section specially. Checkout what all is there trending for January 2015.

Get Star Wars Inspired Styles
Need an Imperial Trooper Helmet? Members, check out Penguin Style. 

Get Galactic Decor
Members can make secret plans in Ezra's Hideout Igloo starting Jan. 15 

Quest for Special Items
Members can quest for special outfits, lightsabers & more Jan. 22–Feb. 4.

So, seeing and hearing all of this, do you have some plans in mind regarding next month's party and events? Be sure to comment below and share your thoughts and ideas with us too.

New Club Penguin Times Issue #480 - Happy New Year!

The New Issue of the Club Penguin Times has finally released to inform us about the fresh news roaming around the Island. You got to really read this Issue... it's just joyful throughout.

In the First Page, we have the main story with the main headline... guess what? Happy New Year, of course!

Happy New Year to you too  and the whole Club Penguin Team. You have done a good job this year. Then, Captain Rockhopper speaks about his New Migrator!

Wow, I would love to see the new look of the Migrator soon. And, at last but not the least, the Upcoming Events of the Issue.

Great things are going to happen next year (next week) so stay tuned and don't forget to collect the pin before Jan. 8.

We would love to know what you have to say on this new Issue and it's amazing stories in the comments below.  Also a Great Happy New Year Eve and enjoy the wonderful the day!

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

New Year Fireworks Now at the Ski Hill and Iceberg on Club Penguin!

Hey Penguins,
First of all, Happy New Year Eve. We are just exact hours away from the New year 2015. Another thing I wanted you to know is that Club Penguin is updating right now and in the middle of all that, as promised by the Team we have the Fireworks for New Year now at the Ski Hill...

... And, also on the Iceberg!

Thanks, to the whole Club Penguin Team for making our days special with these small events! I am really looking forward to the New Year coming soon. Got to say anything about these fireworks onn Club Penguin. Simply comment below and share!